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Trainers & Subject Matter Experts

  • MCHES: Master Certified Health Education Specialist
  • CIC: Certified Intrinsic Coach
  • CVS: Certified Valuation Specialist
  • CWC: Certified Wellness Coach
  • Certified facilitator of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method
Michaela Conley, MA MCHES® CIC® CVS®
Michaela Conley, MA MCHES® CIC® CVS®DPP, Work@Health Master Trainer, Facilitator: LSP
Deb Krahn CWC CIC® CVS®
Deb Krahn CWC CIC® CVS®DPP Master Trainer, Coach
Laurie Pettis
Laurie PettisDPP Master Trainer

– a broad range of experience in facilitating, training, behavior change, disease management, health education, health promotion, worksite wellness, nursing and professional coaching –

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