The NDPP Customer Service Center: Take a “Virtual” Tour!


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So often as an NDPP Coordinator or Lifestyle Coach, you are looking for an online resource….an  “answer” or official guidance to an important program question. Remember, the State of Wellness Resources and staff are a fantastic place to start! A convenient place to find the tools, information, and resources needed to prepare, sustain, and maintain a quality DPP! We are  here to support you!

But what about other questions…or if you are wanting direct information from the DPRP or NDPP staff? Try the NDPP Customer Service Center. The link is also located on the State of Wellness Resources Page>DPP Program Coordinator Support/Resources.

Review the NDPP CSC Video and Demonstration below for a great overview. In addition, when you visit this online resource, consider creating your own account. Then, you can login, contact staff, and post questions. We find that there is just minimal “response wait time”!

The number of resources for your DPP has expanded, organized, and are so very accessible.