As we plant both feet in the new year, many NDPP coordinators and coaches wonder….”As we go forward and especially as the pandemic continues, how can we grow awareness of the NDPP, engage health care providers to ‘champion’ our efforts, and simply–grow our rosters?!” So many layers to this….so let’s begin. Take a look at […]


  As we grow our DPP, it is vital to continue building rosters and recruiting participants for our future classes. It’s a significant part of creating a sustainable DPP and building coaching staff. Vigorous, ongoing recruitment is integral to our mission: increasing awareness of prediabetes, Type II Diabetes, and the significance of the DPP. In […]


Did you know that the CDC/NDPP has an AWARD WINNING Prediabetes Ad campaign? ¬†Check out the example below–one of many! This particular ad speaks to a very common experience among our participants…”I’m a busy Mom!” (or simply…”I’m too BUSY to track, take care of myself, eat right, choose healthy foods, etc”). But this is not […]



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