Below you will read a past post addressing steps to take if you did not start a class within the 6 months of your “effective date”.**PLEASE NOTE**: Since the pandemic, the DPRP has created “allowances”, recognizing the difficulty some DPPs have experienced. According to this latest guidance: “ We will hold organizations harmless during any […]


Continuing our conversation about CDC data submission for your DPP…… Again, so important to thoroughly review the 2018 DPRP Standards. Your “gold standard resource” for data submission! As I review the details, a few stood out and could be easily overlooked. Here are some great examples:   Four weeks prior to an organization’s first data […]


So many great questions regarding  CDC Data Submission! First and foremost….did you download a copy of the 2018 DPRP Standards? Here you will find so much of the information you are seeking regarding data submission and CDC Recognition! You will find this resource along with so many more on the State of Wellness Resources Page. […]



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