2015 Kentucky Worksite Wellness Awards

Deadline Extended! Friday April 24th @5pm eastern
In partnership with the Louisville Worksite Wellness Conference, Mayor’s Healthy Hometown Initiative, Louisville Worksite Wellness Council and State of Wellness we invite your organization to apply.
The recognition/awards program is open to all Kentucky employers throughout Kentucky who have a worksite wellness program of at least one year in operation.
The award criteria are based on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Worksite Health Score-Card, an evidence-based tool designed to help employers as they pursue evidence-based programs and policies.  By basing the recognition program on the CDC Score-Card, employers may be assured their program is being accurately assessed for its quality and effectiveness.
  • Topic Areas (all yes or no questions): Organizational Supports, Tobacco, Nutrition, Physical Activity, Stress Management and Health & Safety
  • Other things you’ll need to know to complete the application: Number of Employees, Gender Percentages, Average Age and Overall Program Participation Numbers

You will also need to upload the following supporting documents:

  1. Wellness committee meeting agenda and recorded minutes.
  2. CEO Letter of Support
  3. Your mission/vision statement for your wellness program.
  4. Copy of operational plans and summary results from previous year.
  5. Wellness program logo

Finally, please share your program success/impact (500 words or less)


  • if you have difficulties uploading the above documents you may zip them and email them to: michaela@stateofwellness.org with your organization’s name in the subject line.
  • We here at State of Wellness appreciate your patience with the current iteration of the application and look forward to announcing our new software (Summer 2015) including year to year progress tracking, on demand report generation, saving your application to return & complete it later and much more.

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