It’s important to develop an understanding of organizational objectives relating to employee health and well-being, including: needs & interests, leadership and environmental supports, current organizational/ HR policy and current/past programming.

Once identified appropriate strategies may be created. Additionally, State of Wellness provides support through ongoing assessment, education, training, policy development as needed leading to an enhanced culture of health within your organization.  We are committed to the use of evidence-based programming to ensure success.

  • Assessment:  Wellness program designs may vary widely.  Some have little to no overarching strategy, while other, more mature programs contain unidentified gaps.   
  • Education can take many shapes.  From helping an employer create a champion network to development of an effective wellness committee or even providing ongoing professional training for wellness team members.
  • Training designed to meet your identified needs.  This may include custom designed webinars, ongoing wellness and/or HR professional development and lifestyle management programs for your workforce etc.
  • Policy is a critical component of a long-term, sustainable culture of health for any worksite.
  • Program recognition is a great way to instill pride of accomplishment throughout your organization.  Having a recognized healthy workplace not only attracts but retains top talent.


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