You Should Eat This

You should eat this..  Says who?

That’s the real question isn’t it?  If your mom was like mine you’re painfully aware of inclusion or exclusion from the “clean plate club”.   What about the the Dietary Guidelines referenced on all prepared food labels?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has lots of educational materials for label decoding.

However, in a recent article, Dr. Robert Olson, professor of medicine and chairman of the Biochemistry Department at St. Louis University and an expert on nutrition science said “the recommendations were not supported by the available science“.  If you’re a frequent participant of HPLive webinars you may be thinking this message sounds familiar.  Indeed!  We heard from Peter Attia MD, president of the non-profit group, NuSI, coach and author of the blog The Eating Academy that “The Limits of Scientific Evidence and the Ethics of Dietary Guidelines = 60 Years of Ambiguity“.

Some may feel compelled to throw up their hands and say “whatever”.  Before you do that, check out Dr. David Katz‘s Glimmer Initiative encouraging each of us to stop arguing amongst ourselves, confusing the public and getting nowhere fast.  Rather, focus on what we DO AGREE on and how to help consumers make better choices for long term sustainable health.  Possible, yes…  easy, no.

ndpplogoCDC’s evidence based, Diabetes Prevention Program is one approach that could make a difference in helping people who are traveling down the road toward a disease state (diabetes) to delay or, better yet, eliminate that eventuality by focusing on education and skills development.

farmstandappThe question remains, ultimately: what should you eat?  One rule of thumb might be to think, no matter what the label says, the fact that it “even has one” should give you pause.  With that in mind, head over to your local farmer’s market or discover a new one.  I use the FarmStandApp for that very purpose.  Let’s do lunch!