Michaela Conley

Executive Director

Assessment, Training, Coaching & Consulting in Organizational Effectiveness, Decision Support and Well-being for Optimal Performance – Individuals and Groups

Michaela helps organizations and individuals solve real-world problems through evidence-based tools and methodologies.  She is an experienced, Master Trainer,  Interventionist, Consultant, Educator, Facilitator and Intrinsic Coach in Health Education, Behavior Change, Lifestyle Medicine and Laughter Yoga.

As a Certified Intrinsic Coach through Intrinsic Solutions International, she is attuned to the essence of I>E>S valuing which permeates her work with both individuals and groups. By supporting others in the use of their own best thinking, choices are illuminated, change is embraced and sustained long-term.

Values are determined by one’s experience in the world. As a Certified Valuation Specialist, Michaela uses the Hartman Values Profile to assist individuals and groups navigate through change with clarity and resilience.

To promote expansive thinking through storytelling and metaphors in a group environment, Michaela uses LEGO® Serious Play®.  The LSP methodology effectively harvests 100% of the organization’s collective intelligence to rapidly solve complex issues and enhance decision-making. LSP creates an engaging hands-on environment, where the activity is perceived as meaningful and one’s abilities are in balance with the challenge at hand and the tools to express the emerging knowledge.

The idea that we ‘think with the body’ is supported by evidence from psychology and neuroscience emphasizing that cognitive processes such as learning and memory are strongly influenced by the way we interact with the physical world.

Additionally, Michaela is well-known in the health promotion/ education professional communities as an entrepreneur as the founder of HPCareer.Net in 1999 then HPLive.  To date, she has hosted hundreds of hours of unbiased professional continuing education events with industry experts and thought leaders from around the world.

Michaela is a masterful interventionist in lifestyle medicine, a subject matter expert in health promotion, a Master Certified Health Education Specialist and master trainer for the National Diabetes Prevention Program: Lifestyle Coach Training. She earned her Bachelor’’s degree in Exercise Science from Ball State University and Master’s degree from the Fisher Institute for Wellness.


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