Deb Krahn

Senior Master Trainer

Deb is passionate about coaching individuals to make choices that will enhance their quality of life. Through Intrinsic Valuing she recognizes that everyone is capable, create and complete and no one is in need of “fixing”, they already hold the answers!

Deb is an experienced NBC-HWC, Intrinsic Coach, Certified Valuation Specialist, Master Trainer and Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher with a demonstrated history of working in the medical practice industry. Skilled in Diabetes Prevention, Smoking Cessation, Clinical Research, Clinic Administration, Customer Service, and Coaching.

In 2008 Deb transitioned from an extensive nursing/administrative career to focus on prevention. As a Master Trainer for the CDC NDPP through State of Wellness she is extremely pleased to see the transition begin from diseases state management as it relates to Type 2 Diabetes to prevention. It is her hope that with this shift many more doors will open relating to the treatment of chronic conditions.

As the area of prevention grows she is optimistic there will be an increased focus and education on food as medicine as promoted by ACLM.


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