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Written by on 05/04/2019

As DPP Lifestyle Coaches…or any health and wellness coach, health care professional, or personal trainer….effective motivational interviewing is the cornerstone of quality communication, program facilitation, and fostering self efficacy among our participants and clients. Without it and we often end up as “that expert” with his or her own agenda, not recognizing that each and every individual we coach is complete, creative, and competent to find their own argument for change.

No matter where you are in your coaching experience….the new coach or one with years of experience, it’s so important to recognize that our learning is never “done”.  Nor should it be.

At the State of Wellness, we recognize the importance not only of motivational interviewing, developing/fostering coaching skills, but also of taking advantage of learning opportunities

Take a moment to explore our new learning opportunity that addresses these important concepts: “Motivational Interviewing 100% Online!” As stated in the course description:

“Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a collaborative, client-centered counseling style for helping people make good decisions and healthy behavior change. MI works by eliciting clients’ own internal motivation and resolving ambivalence within a collaborative working relationship. MI is a tool used by successful DPP Lifestyle Coaches and other health care professionals to foster learning and healthy lifestyle decisions.This 100% online, 6 (approximate) week, 12 module training is designed for people with little or no experience with MI as well as for those wishing to improve their MI skills. Each week’s lessons include a brief post-test and exercises to complete. There will be 4 live, online practice sessions schedule throughout the training to reinforce learning. Once you complete the initial training, you are welcome to continue to participate in the live sessions for a small subscription fee.”

You will find this along with so much more at the State of Wellness! Together, we can do so much!

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