An Addendum: How Can I Increase Retention?

Written by on 06/05/2019


As NDPP Coordinators and Lifestyle Coaches, we know how important it is to retain our participants! Not only is it an integral part of adhering to the DPRP class attendance requirements, but it is vital to the continuity and group dynamic. So especially as we approach the later weekly sessions and prepare to launch those monthly sessions, we can ask our class participants, “What will bring you back?!”  But more than that, is ensuring we are doing what we can as program leaders to encourage participant retention!

Since my April post, “How Can I Increase Retention?“, the NDPP created an additional retention tool: “The NDPP Retention Tool for Coaches”.  As stated within this link:

“This new web-based resource is designed to be there for participants when you can’t be. It will help them keep their commitments and feel encouraged. On this page, you will find a user guide and planning worksheet to help you best use the Retention Tool. You will also find the links to the eight retention tool modules.”

**NEW: ADDENDUM**: Consider the value in offering “additional sessions” between regularly offered sessions where there might be a break (ie, during monthly sessions). Here, you can offer fun, engaging, topic-related activities and discussion opportunities. Remember, NO data would be collected and attendance would be  optional…..but a great way to peak interest and encourage participants to come back!! What are some potential topics and activities?

  • Visit from past successful participant who can share their story, and an opportunity to launch a great group discussion! (NOTE: any visitor attending, you must get a signed visitor consent from participants!)
  • Group cooking
  • Grocery store visit
  • Other “guest speakers”
  • Exercise demo/opportunity

Finally, many wonder how can we support participants outside of class? Engage them in a discussion of “HOW” you can support them…emails, texts, calls, OR….would they be interested in connecting with one another outside of class? Encourage discussion around this…walking groups, social media private groups, “telephone trees”,  etc. Your participants are creative and so capable of brainstorming ideas that will work!

So in addition to all the NDPP resources, on the State of Wellness Resources Page, we now have even more tools to access! It is a great reminder that together we can do so much; and the State of Wellness is here to support you!


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