A Great Conversation Starter: Facing the Holiday “Food Tsunami”!

Written by on 11/26/2019

A timely topic as we engage our DPP participants over the upcoming holidays…How to navigate all of the food choices, parties, and family “expectations” over Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years! It’s so wonderful to know there is a wealth of knowledge, ideas, and life experiences among your DPP participants.

Did you also know that MyPlate provides a wealth of resources? You can find these and so many more on the State of Wellness Resources page, >DPP Curriculum and Related Resources>Print Materials and More/Choose MyPlate!

Here’s just one example, the MyPlate Holiday Makeover pdf  

Consider distributing any of the MyPlate resources before class and simply ask, “What came up for you as you read this?” And begin digging in and expanding the conversation! Break out the wipe off board for some brainstorming and problem solving. Witness the “aha moments!” This is where self discovery starts and change talk begins. Let the conversation grow among the participants, remembering we, as coaches, are actively listening, taking opportunities to affirm, reflect, and deepen the conversation with open ended questions….asking:

 One. Question. At. A.Time!!!

And periodically checking in with ourselves, as coaches, using the acronym: W.A.I.T.

Why Am I Talking?

It can be very tempting to offer our own advice, suggestions, or “expertise”. Remember…there is so much knowledge and value in allowing the group to own the conversation!

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