Let’s Connect on Clubhouse


Sharing is Caring


Since January 2021 Deb, Laurie, Anne and I have been learning and connecting with many of you on Clubhouse.  We’ve created several clubs including one for State of Wellness and one specifically for DPP Lifestyle Coaches.  Now that they have welcomed Android phone users the floodgates have nearly fully opened, although they consider themselves still in beta. Some of the fun and educational opportunities I’ve participated in include the Tiny Habits rooms with BJ Fogg, Opera has been on.  They have done musicals live with the broadway cast, poetry slams and so on.  I had so much fun listening in to NNPR (Not National Public Radio) the other night.  LMAO!  Basically, if you can think it, there’s a good chance somebody’s doing it on clubhouse.

For several months now Laurie and I have been hosting each Saturday morning at 8am pacific a room all about the DPP Lifestyle Coach training.  We’ve had so much fun talking to people who have been trained and hearing how it’s going and sharing with others for whom this is the first they’ve heard of it.  Anyway, we want you there to share your experiences with others and to promote you and your DPP program to the Clubhouse community.

Join us!  We look forward to hearing you there!