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I'd like to become a Lifestyle Coach for the National Diabetes Prevention Program, where should I begin?

Begin by signing up for one of our upcoming Lifestyle Coach training dates.

I'm interested in becoming a CDE (Certified Diabetes Educator) will the DPP Lifestyle Coach training count towards the prerequisite for CDE?

Yes, according the the requirements to sit for the CDE you must have a certain number of hours working directly with people with diabetes or who are pre diabetic.

Once I complete the DPP Lifestyle Coach training, am I able to deliver the training anywhere I want?

Yes, once trained you’ll have a better understanding of how and where the DPP may be delivered.

Is the DPP program covered by insurance?

Many insurance companies recognize and support the evidence-based DPP because it was developed by the CDC and very suitable for their covered lives who may be unaware that they are “prediabetic”.

Should CHES/MCHES become trained Lifestyle Coaches?

Absolutely! While there are technically no pre-requisits to become a Lifestyle Coach for the National DPP, a health educator is particularly well suited to lead this program within a community, worksite or any other venue.

Once trained, how do Lifestyle Coaches get a class together?

Referrals from healthcare providers, hospitals, insurance companies, worksites etc. Pre-Diabetes is a huge issue and we are among the early adopters in building capacity across the US. We expect coaches can be as busy as they choose.

How does this program differ from the WellCoach certificate?

The DPP (National Diabetes Prevention Program) is a Centers for Disease Control and Health Promotion “Evidence Based” program targeting Pre-Diabetics only. Many professionals who have WellCoaches and other coaching certifications have become trained to deliver the DPP as a means to expand their program offerings. The other major difference is that the DPP is always delivered to a group of 14-18 individuals, not one on one.

Why are Lifestyle Coaches being sought to deliver the DPP?

The need is HUGE! One in four U.S. adults aged 20 years or older had prediabetes in 2007. The diagnosed diabetic population is growing annually by 1.5 million. Costs associated with diabetes were $245 billion in 2012. We need to slow and reverse these trends ASAP!

What is needed to successfully complete DPP Lifestyle Coach Training?

To successfully complete the Lifestyle Coach training a participant must:
1. Attend and engage is each of the scheduled course dates.
2. Satisfactorily lead a short DPP practice session demonstrating basic understanding of the DPP materials, motivational interviewing skills, and group facilitation techniques.
3. Correctly respond to all questions in post-training quiz.
4. Complete and submit the course feedback form.

What is the procedure if I need to miss a class?

If you are participating within a DPP Lifestyle Coach Training course and need to miss a class(es) you should:
1. Inform the instructors at your earliest convenience.
2. Coordinate with the the instructors on attending an upcoming course to make-up what was missed.

Can State of Wellness be listed in the Education or Certification sections of my Linkedin Profile?

The education section is for academic programs. Since the CDC is not in the business of “certifying” individuals, include DPP Lifestyle Coach training in the “Courses” section.

Once I complete the DPP Lifestyle coach training can I begin training other coaches?

No. You must successfully complete a DPP Master Training course before you are eligible to train Lifestyle Coaches.

Who is eligible to become a DPP Master Trainer for the Lifestyle Coach program?

1. Successfully complete a DPP Lifestyle Coach training provided by a recognized Lifestyle Coach course provider.
2. Facilitate at least one full cycle DPP participant program (i.e. 16 week core + 4 post-core sessions over 1 year).
3. Apply for and successfully complete the DPP Master Training curriculum provided by a recognized Master Trainer course provider.

Once I complete the DPP Lifestyle Coach training am i certified?

NO, the CDC has stated that they do not want to get into the business of “certifying.”

How may I refer to my successfully completed Lifestyle Coach training?

You may say: I am a Lifestyle Coach, trained to deliver CDC’s evidence-based Diabetes Prevention Program.

How may I promote my Lifestyle Coach training on the web?

Join DPP Lifestyle Coach groups found on Linkedin, Google+, Facebook and others.

Can I reference State of Wellness on my website or in promotional materials?

Only with advance written request and subsequent written approval from State of Wellness.

How do I become recognized as a provider by the CDC?

CDC recognizes organizations, not individuals. If you are employed by an organization who will be supporting the DPP program, they may seek recognition as a provider. Businesses of any size may seek recognition.

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