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Once again, in collaboration with Intrinsic Solutions International, State of Wellness is pleased to provide a certification opportunity.

The Certified Intrinsic Coach® (CIC) certification is achieved by completing three progressive coaching courses. Theoretically sound, interactive, and focused on application, learning is developmental and based on the I>E>S hierarchy of the Intrinsic Coaching® methodology.

With applications as varied as people and people’s experiences in moments and in life.  Participants report surprising and satisfying personal benefits and professional results.

DPP Master Trainers: Michaela Conley & Deb Krahn will be assisting during this training sequence.

Here are the dates that follow starting on 9/18.  If you want to keep your people all together from the ICS I to the CIC, then remove the second option that necessitates “choose one: keep going or take a break.”

  • Intrinsic Coach® Series I – Health & Wellness
    January 15, 2018 – April 2, 2018, Mondays, 1pm – 3pm Eastern
  • Intrinsic Coach® Series II (choose one, keep going or take a break)
  • Standards & Benchmarks Seminar
  • Graduation Hour: Certified Intrinsic Coach®

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