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Out of stock!Lifestyle Coach Training 2/20$479.00Feb 20, 22, 27 and Mar. 1st 12-1:30 eastern

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Feb. 20, 22, 27, Mar. 1st from 12-1:30 eastern

We use Zoom for 100% online training!


From your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Our training consists of both live interactive classes and dynamic multimedia self-paced study materials.

  • A webcam and headset are not required but encouraged as they enhance the learning and sharing experience during live training.
  • All materials needed to successfully complete and ultimately deliver the program are included.
  • Participation is required in all live training sessions
  • Completion of all self-paced activities, final knowledge check and evaluation are required for successful completion of the Lifestyle Coach training program.
  • Ongoing technical assistance is provided during and after training to help ensure delivery success.
  • Periodic updates and continuing education opportunities are provided through both State of Wellness and our partner
raw veggiesIn the United States of America, 86 million have prediabetes. This alarming situation means many more Americans will be diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes over the coming years. The cost of Type 2 diabetes is huge because of direct medical costs, hospital and outpatient costs, medication and supply costs. And don’t forget indirect costs to our country: lost work days, productivity losses, disability and death. Most important are the human costs to the individual and family who never wanted to have the diagnosis of diabetes.

Consider being a trained lifestyle coach and effectively deliver the Diabetes Prevention Program to people with prediabetes. You can make a difference with this diabetes prevention lifestyle change program. It can be cost effective for the person with prediabetes and can be cost savings for the insurer or workplace.

Any woman who had the diagnosis of gestational diabetes with a pregnancy
Any person with bold test results for an A1c over 5.7%
Any person told by their doctor that they have impaired glucose tolerance or IGT
A person with a fasting blood glucose over 100 mg%
A person with a BMI in the overweight or obese category (more than or equal to a BMI of 25)
A person with central obesity (large waist circumference)
A person with high blood pressure would also benefit from DPP training

chesmchescomboAmerican College of Sports Medicine

The DPP Lifestyle Coach Training is eligible for 12 continuing education credits

  • Participants who wish to earn continuing education credits / contact hours must complete all course requirements including the post training knowledge check and evaluation.
  • If your certification is not included here, you may in many cases be able to submit your certificate of completion to your credentialing body to petition for credit.

By the end of the training participants willcheck

  • Understand the difference between diabetes and prediabetes
  • State key statistics on the magnitude of prediabetes in the U.S.
  • List key elements and findings from CDC’s research on prediabetes
  • Describe the overall structure of the weekly and monthly sessions
  • Compare and contrast the concepts of teaching vs facilitation.
  • Explain why pay for performance is the payment model CDC recommends.

Please note all times are eastern US timezone