Oh, Oh….We Missed the Class Start Deadline! What’s Next?

Written by on 07/16/2020

Below you will read a past post addressing steps to take if you did not start a class within the 6 months of your “effective date”.**PLEASE NOTE**: Since the pandemic, the DPRP has created “allowances”, recognizing the difficulty some DPPs have experienced. According to this latest guidance: “

  • We will hold organizations harmless during any pauses (i.e., we will allow organizations to continue to maintain their current recognition status, regardless of whether they are able to make full or partial data submissions).
  • When you resume classes, you may want to consider whether it makes sense to pick up where you left off, or to restart the program from week 1. This may depend on the length of the lapse. If starting over, please contact the Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program (DPRP) data team at DPRPData@cdc.gov for guidance on how to adjust data recording.
  • To read the entire document, click here  This will lead you to the NDPP CSC. If you do not have an account, please create one so you have the opportunity to log into a wealth of NDPP information and resources!

Past Post:

Here is something to take note of….coming from one of your great questions! 


What happens if I actually MISS the 6 month cut off date to start my first DPP class after applying for Recogniton (from your initial effective date)  and find myself starting my first class after this time period???. (In other words, you applied for CDC Recognition, were placed in Pending Recognition, and given an “effective date”. And then…you started class after 6 months PAST this date.”) 


1. You will need to officially withdraw from Recognition. Contact support via the Customer Service Center portal or via email at NationalDPPAsk@cdc.gov with the request and reason for withdrawal. Please include your organizations name and ORGCODE. 

2. You will need to reapply for CDC Recognition–6 months from your confirmation of withdrawal.

Remember, as a requirement, from the 2018 DPRP Standards, page 11: “There must be at least one session record per participant in the organization’s submission at 6 months post effective date ——and at least 6 months of participant data in the organization’s submission at 12 months post effective date.” 

Also confirmed from DPRPAsk: “As outlined in the DPRP Standards, classes and data collection may begin on or after the approval date and must begin within 6 months following the effective date.

Organizations can voluntarily withdraw at any point in their timeline, but regardless of circumstances of the withdrawal, they must wait 6 months prior to reapplying. Organizations may reapply 6 months after the confirmation of being withdrawn.”

How Does Our DPP Reapply for CDC Recognition After Losing Recognition?


From the CDC/NDPP Customer Service Center– found on the State of Wellness Resources Page:

Under the 2018 DPRP Standards, a CDC-recognized organization must wait six months to reapply for CDC recognition. To reapply, access the DPRP application link at https://nccd.cdc.gov/DDT_DPRP/applicationForm.aspx, select the reapply option, use the ORGCODE initially provided by the DPRP, and follow the application instructions. Organizations will receive a confirmation email after successfully reapplying. Once an organizations application has been reviewed and approved, they will receive a new application approval and effective date.

Organizations that reapply to the DPRP are assigned the same organization code they originally had if they are accepted back into the program.


WHAT’S THE TAKE HOME MESSAGE? Do all you can to apply for Recognition when your class is ready to launch! At least 10-12 people, if possible. 

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