This is a great question and demonstrates our effort to engage and retain our participants!

The short answer,

“Yes, you can offer additional sessions.”…….BUT.……

To hear the answer directly from the NDPP Customer Service Center:

“CDC-recognized organizations may use (repeated) core or core maintenance modules to offer additional sessions in months 1 – after they have offered the 16 required weekly core sessions. CDC-recognized organizations must CODE the use of core maintenance modules in months 1-6 as a ‘core session’.

Similarly, a CDC-recognized organization may use (repeated) core maintenance core modules to offer additional sessions in months 7-12 after they have offered the required core maintenance modules. In this case, the recognized organization must CODE the use of the core module in months 7-12 as a core ‘maintenance session’.

These sessions must be CDC-approved sessions/modules and of a sufficient duration to convey the approved session content or approximately one hour in length. Recognized organizations may choose the sessions they would like to repeat as additional sessions from the respective core and core maintenance sections of the curriculum.”

Examples of classes you could NOT record in your spread sheet would include: “…exercise classes, cooking demonstrations, guest speakers, or other activities/classes that use materials not part of the approved curriculum”.  Even so….what a great way to engage and keep participants interested! It all comes back to asking,”What will bring you back?” What are some creative ways you have engaged your participants! Consider sharing these ideas!…post on our DPP Lifestyle Coach facebook page, or share your experiences in our monthly DPP Coach Chat Sessions. These are held in Zoom the last  Wednesday of every month from 2-3pm EASTERN. Login info will be shared through our google news group. Or reach out to for login details. A great way to share your experiences and ideas with other coaches.

“Bookmark” the NDPP Customer Service Center!  A great resource to find answers!! You will also find this link along with so many other NDPP resources on the State of Wellness Resources Page!

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