**Please note**Since the pandemic, the NDPP/DPRP and CMS have modified some requirements. Please read the latest NDPP covid guidance/program allowancesalong with the MDPP Covid allowances. You will find this latest information on the State of Wellness Resources Page.


Below is a **pre-pandemic post** (August 13, 2019) which reviews traditional program requirements.


I love the questions we continue to receive!! This one comes from Mary, who asks 1) Can a participant weigh at home, first thing in the morning and bring that weight to class? 2) What  type of scale is recommended for our program if we are not a medical facility?

Here is the NDPP guidance directly from the DPRP Standards, Appendix F, page 48:

  1. Place scale on a firm, flat surface.
  2. Make sure the participant removes any coats, heavy sweaters, shoes, keys, or heavypocket contents. Participants should be advised to wear light clothing.
  3. Each participant should stand in the middle of the scale’s platform with his/her bodyweight equally distributed on both feet, placing hands at sides, looking straight aheadprior to reading weight.
  4. Weight should be reported to the nearest pound (0.5-0.9 rounds up to the nearest pound,0.1-0.4 rounds down to the nearest pound).
  5. The same scale should be used to measure weights at each session.
  6. Weights should be measured under similar circumstances at each session and in thesame way the initial measurement was taken (e.g., participants wearing similarclothing, measurements taken at the same time of day).
  7. Weight may be measured by the Lifestyle Coach at sessions conducted in-person OR by the participant at sessions conducted in-person or virtually.
  8. Organizations using Bluetooth-enabled scales should record only one weight per session date. The closest weight to the recorded session date is the one to be used for each participant. The lowest weight taken during the weekly or monthly session can also be used as long as only one weight is recorded per session date. Bluetooth-enabled refers to scales that transmit weights securely via wireless or cellular transmission.
  9. For participants attending in-person classes who weigh more than once a week, the closest weight to the recorded session date is the one to be used.

Regarding Type of Scale: There is no “specific guidance”, however it is common practice to use digital scales that are able to weigh individuals up to 500lbs.

***Important to note!!** There are slightly different rules regarding the MDPP and weight measurement:

According to the “MDPP Frequently Asked Questions” (State of Wellness Resources Page>MDPP Category.)

How can an MDPP supplier measure a beneficiary’s weight? 

“A beneficiary’s weight must be taken in-person at an MDPP core session, core maintenance session, or ongoing maintenance session if the weight will be used for the purposes of documenting a performance goal. In other words, any self-attested weight measurements or weight measured through digital scales during virtual make-up sessions will not count for the purposes of beneficiary eligibility or payment. For example, if a beneficiary attends his/her first ongoing maintenance session as a virtual make-up session, and he/she maintains 5% weight loss during that session, he/she would have to attend at least one additional in-person session within the interval and maintain 5% weight loss measured at that session to stay eligible for subsequent interval, and for the supplier to receive payment for the interval.”

Keep those wonderful questions coming in!

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