The Silver Lining….New “Self Discoveries” in the DPP During the Shutdown!

Written by on 04/14/2020

As we modify our programs during COVID-19, we know our participants are also experiencing changes in their own lives…..working from home, lay offs, schools closed, and families spending more time together.

And what many DPP coaches report: positive changes in how participants and their families shop, cook, and eat together!

This is where one of the “silver linings” during the COVID-19 shut down appear. So what may be happening here?

Prior to the shut down, so many participants report being….so….busy! Working 40+hours a week, running to activities with their kids after work, weekends scheduled out from top to bottom, and finding healthy meal planning/shopping/preparation challenging. Relying more on “ready to eat” more processed foods or fast foods. Not always the healthiest choices, but they were convenient and working in their hectic worlds.

Now….home together, re-discovering the kitchen, even planning and making meals together–and so much more! Not because of what coaches are “telling” them to do, as that proves to be counter productive, but what our participants are discovering….on….their….own. Witnessing their own “ah-ha moments” and improvement in lifestyle/health. The joy and benefits of planning and preparing meals together, and the time to do it.

Many coaches share that once the shut down ends, participants don’t want to “go back” to that fast track, but want to continue the self-discoveries and progress they made in their kitchens and households.

So a question for all of us: How can we engage our participants in a discussion around taking these self discoveries with them once our world begins to re-open post COVID-19?

Let’s bring this question to our next DPP Chat Session– along with other questions you might have, including…any “virtual program” tips or challenges you may be experiencing in your DPP.

** In an effort to plan, please reach out to with your ideas! Depending upon your feedback, we may even conduct multiple chat sessions to address questions and allow ample time for discussion and sharing.**

**Time, date, topic details will be shared through  and our social media groups (login information will be provided through the If you haven’t joined our news group, come on board! Make sure you add address to your email address book.**

In addition, bookmark the State of Wellness Archives. Here you will find a library of articles based upon NDPP resources and the great questions coaches and program leaders continue to submit.

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