The MDPP: Latest COVID-19 Guidance

Written by on 01/14/2021

To those already enrolled as MDPP suppliers and currently providing the MDPP, CMS has made allowances so that we can continue our work safely during COVID-19. These are modeled after the new COVID-19 guidelines for the NDPP—recenlty  published and posted on the State of Wellness Resources Page! According to the CDC, these new COVID-19/MDPP guidelines (also on our Resources Page/MDPP Category):

“CMS understands the health and safety of MDPP staff and beneficiaries are paramount and realizes that concerns about COVID-19 may result in the suspension of MDPP in-person class sessions during this national emergency. The CDC has released guidance to CDC-recognized organizations on its National Diabetes Prevention Program (National DPP), providing alternative delivery options during the COVID-19 national emergency, including encouraging organizations to use virtual make-up sessions as necessary, regardless of usual delivery mode; if virtual make- up sessions are not possible, organizations may pause offering classes. When classes resume, CDC is allowing DPP providers to pick up where they left off, or to restart the program from week one. Our goal is to align MDPP model-specific changes as much as possible to what the CDC has released for the duration of the PHE.

For suppliers and beneficiaries enrolled in the benefit as of the beginning of the public health emergency, CMS is making the following temporary changes to MDPP:

  • Increase the number of virtual make-up sessions that can be offered by MDPP suppliers.
  • Allow MDPP suppliers that have the capability, to deliver certain sessions virtually.
  • Waive the once per life time benefit and allow MDPP beneficiaries whose sessions weresuspended to resume sessions or start over.”

And many wonder….Can suppliers start a new MDPP cohort during the PHE period?

According to CMS: “Yes, MDPP suppliers may start new cohorts with MDPP beneficiaries during the PHE period if they’re able to weigh the beneficiaries in-person when they’re enrolled.”

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