State of Wellness Resources! A Treasure of Tools!

Written by on 06/11/2019

Have you visited the State of Wellness Resources Page lately? If not, take a ride through this site!

As the NDPP web page reorganizes and updates resources, we are doing the same. So many new tools and/or updated tools to support your work in the NDPP! And we know your dedication and excellence in the NDPP is paying off! According to the CDC, newly diagnosed  cases of diabetes is down by 35%, and no increase in total cases!! And this comes after a 20 year increase. Amazing.

Here are some (not all!)  of the resources on the State of Wellness Resources Page:

  • Working with Insurance and Healthcare Providers–toolkits, guidance, and templates
  • Marketing strategies with an abundance of “hands on” materials and information
  • Recruitment and Retention Strategies
  • CDC Data Submission resources including direct links to spreadsheet guidance and submission
  • HIPAA and PHI security
  • Curriculum links and CDC approved additional materials and handouts
  • NDPP Customer Service Support link
  • MDPP resources and live links
  • Spanish and other Languages Resources
  • Data, Research, and Stats
  • A wide variety of NDPP toolkits

The State of Wellness is here to support your work…..and remember, once you’ve completed your DPP Lifestyle Coach Training through the State of Wellness, you can join any future Lifestyle Coach Training as a “refresher”…free of charge! Just reach out to the State of Wellness if interested—-or for any other training needs, including our advanced training! We are here to support you!


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