State of Wellness “Archives”-a Treasure of Information and Resources!

Written by on 11/07/2019

As I look back over the last couple years, I am amazed at the number and variety of great questions submitted through social media (Facebook’s DPP Lifestyle Coaches group and LinkedIn DPP Lifestyle Coach group)–or through email. You have all inspired me to create articles based upon your inquiries.

Now, a few years later, we have a treasure of articles addressing all of these questions, along with imbedded links to NDPP resources. You can find all of these in the State of Wellness Archives, which you can find access through the link on the State of Wellness Resources Page, under the category: DPP Lifestyle Coach Tools and Resources.

Consider taking some time to review these and “bookmarking” this link on your desktop.

The State of Wellness is here to support your program. Together, we can do so much!

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