Staffing Your DPP! Where Do I Start?

Written by on 07/08/2019

If you are newly launching your Diabetes Prevention Program, or considering expanding your DPP staff, you may be wondering what are the “gold standards” when it comes to staffing? 

Did you know the 2018 DPRP Standards, appendix C, outlines the DPP criteria and benchmarks for a quality staff? According to the NDPP Customer Service Center, here ere are some of the main points:

Two staffing positions are required (a Lifestyle Coach and a Program Coordinator), and one staffing position is recommended (a Data Preparer). CDC-recognized organizations are responsible for hiring, training, and supporting all required staff. Lifestyle Coaches should have the ability to help participants make and sustain positive lifestyle changes. Program Coordinators should have the ability to serve as both the primary external champions of the program and as the organizational experts for program implementation consistent with the 2018 DPRP Standards. The Data Preparer should have the ability to record and submit session data elements for each participant to CDC. The Data Preparer can be either the Program Coordinator or the Lifestyle Coach if a third person is not designated at the time of application.”

Digging deeper into Appendix C, you will also find details and description of the elibigility criteria, roles and responsibilities for staffing positions (Coordinator, Lifestyle Coach).  And side note: Appendix D/E outlines the duties/processes for the Data Preparer!

Thorough review of this information can be very helpful in creating an “interview process”, framing questions around the criteria.

In the end, a rigorous and streamlined interview process can be an integral component in building a dynamic, qualified, and talented DPP staff! And remember, the State of Wellness is here to fulfill your training needs AND provide continuing support!


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