Seeking NDPP/MDPP Program Guidance: the Latest Resources!

Written by on 04/20/2020

Thank you to all of the program leaders and coaches who continue to ask great  questions! During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are walking into a time “of change” and evolving resources. So understandable that you may have growing questions around providing and sustaining your NDPP and the MDPP.

Two recent posts (4/6 and 4/13), which you can find in the State of Wellness Archives, addressed the various COVID-19 guidelines the CDC and CMS have developed. Here you will hear the underlying message of focusing on the health of coaches and participants while offering program modifications. Both the CDC and CMS are here to support you during this time.

Even after reading this guidance, you may still have more specific questions related to your program during the COVID-19 outbreak. For those specific questions, we highly recommend the following:

  1. For the NDPP, reach out to the NDPP Customer Service Center. Here, you can create your personal account and connect with NDPP staff with your questions. You can also “search” for the topic you have questions about. So often, you will find that other program leaders have submitted the same question.
  2. For the MDPP, you can also reach out to the NDPP CSC. Also, consider reaching out to the MDPP Supplier Support Center, a recently created resource. The purpose of the MDPP Supplier Support Center is to answer any MDPP policy-related questions from organizations, stakeholders and the general public. To learn more about MDPP, please visit the MDPP website.
  3. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the State of Wellness! We are here to support you and can assist in helping you find your answers. Also, reach out to me,

Together….we can do so much!


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