As NDPP coaches, we are quite familiar with the T2 Curriculum…so many engaging topics! Often, coaches may wonder, “How do I offer additional sessions–while maintaining program fidelity?”  According to the 2018 DPRP Standards,pages 6-9:

During the first 6 months (weeks 1-26) of the lifestyle change program….(the first 16) curriculum topics must be covered in at least 16 weekly sessions. Organizations may repeat core modules or use core maintenance modules to offer additional sessions in months 1-6 after they have offered the 16 required weekly core sessions. In this case, organizations must code the use of core maintenance modules in months 1-6 as core sessions.

Outside of repeating core modules or using core maintenance modules to fill those extra weeks….

What else can we do?

Interesting to know we can also offer “enrichment” sessions, in addition to the 16 required curriculum-based sessions, where we can offer opportunities to enrich learning, grow engagement and interest! These activities can range from cooking together, touring grocery stores, farmer markets, offering fun group physical activity opportunities that interest your participants, or inviting in a guest speaker (don’t forget the visitor consent). Important to remember that these particular activities would not be counted as official sessions….no data collected.

The same holds true for the second 6 months. We are required to facilitate the entire 2nd 6 month curriculum….but “organizations wishing to deliver more sessions (going beyond the minimum requirement of one session each month) are encouraged to do so, as this may be beneficial to participants needing additional support. An organization may use a core module to offer additional sessions in months 7-12 after they have offered the required 6 core maintenance modules. In this case, the organization must code the use of the core module in months 7-12 as a core maintenance session. Sessions must focus on topics that reinforce and build on the content delivered during the first 6 months of the lifestyle change program.”

But in addition to repeating core modules during the second 6 months, we can also offer “enrichment” sessions, as described above.  If you find your participants want to meet more frequently than once a month, make sure these alternative opportunities reinforce DPP content and themes. Remembering again, these enrichment sessions would not be counted as official sessions….no data collected.

So many great ways  to “keep them coming back” and reinforce DPP topics!


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