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Written by on 05/22/2020

Just attended the May 21,2020 NDPP webinar, “Delivering From a Distance: Reaching People at  Home with the National Diabetes Prevention Program”, and found it full of tips, guidelines, and relevant information for any DPP currently providing virtual programming, transitioning to, or considering the transition. If you were not able to attend, the NDPP CSC will be posting the webinar soon. If you want a sneak peak on some of the main points and guidelines, read on:

First, what platform do I choose?  It depends……..

1. Tele-conferencing –Phone only classes

2. Video-teleconferencing—Audio and video   3.  Make it simple and reassure!

  4. HIPAA–know your local, state, and federal HIPAA rules!

5. Texting

6. Collecting Data

7. Host Licenses

8. Recording

9. Engagement!!10. Cameras…important…but–11.Facilitate!! vs Teaching: “The most important communication is the communication that happens between participants.”

12. Tips and Logistics

13. Supporting participants and staying connected14. CDC Personal Success Tools– The Personal Success Tool (PST) is a web-based resource for lifestyle coaches to use with their participants. Each of the modules reinforces LCP content in a timely way.

**Note: The State of Wellness Resources page provides a wide array of tools and NDPP resources for all of your program needs, including a category dedicated to virtual programming.

**Slide Credits:National Diabetes Prevention Program, and presenters, Ann Wolf, MS, RD (VCDPE) ,  and Sarah Piper, MPH, CDE (DDTAC, Rollins School of Public Health and Emory University).


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