NDPP Umbrella Organization Opportunity: Let’s Begin to Unpack This!

Written by on 02/20/2020

Greetings to our many NDPP Coaches and Program Coordinators! Hopefully you were able to join one of two webinars: “DPRP Office Hours: DPRP Umbrella Organization Agreement and Application”, which took place on two Thursdays, February 13th and 20th.

For those that did attend, it was very informative….and wow, what an opportunity for smaller organizations. Did you know, according to the CDC/DPRP, “Most of the in-person organizations in the DPRP Registry serve less than 30 participants per year?” Knowing this, it is not surprising then, that it is not uncommon for these smaller organizations to struggle with billing/claims and at times, meeting the DPRP requirements for full recognition. Program goals are much easier to meet when an organization has multiple cohorts, where aggregate data is examined for earning full recognition. These are some of the main reasons the umbrella opportunity was created.

For those that were not able to attend, you will find a brief summary, along with several screenshots, which address and explain the main points of an umbrella agreement. As soon as the slide deck is made available, it will be posted on the State of Wellness Resources Page, where you will now find the Umbrella Application and Guidance Document (Resource Category: CDC Recognition/DPP Data Submission). Read below for some of the main take aways from the webinar:

  1. Why?

  • Connection to sustainable coverage
  • Great opportunity for smaller organizations
    • per DPRP: Most “in person” programs have fewer than 30 participants/year.
    • Claims process can be challenging 
  • “Together”, joining other programs–advantages:
    • Share costs
    • Increase # of MDPP suppliers
    • Aggregate data!

2. What is the Umbrella Agreement?

3. HUB Application Requirements-*This is the overseeing organization*

  • 1-5 organizations can be invited
  • HUB fills out 1A and 1B
  • Subsidiaries fill out Part 2 and sends to HUB–HUB sends in all three parts
  • HUB is the “Admin ‘location’”
  • Monitors data of subsidiaries (the subsidiaries  will submit their own data to the DPRP, as usual).
  • Can charge for this service

  • HUB agrees to be in role at least 2 years.
  • Can NOT lose FULL Recognition by agreeing to be the HUB
  • HUB can remove subsidiary who underperforms or doesn’t follow the rules.

4. . Subsidiary Application Requirements

  • Must sign agreement
  • Abide by data submission rules
  • HUB will be secondary contact for DPRP
  • Minimum 2 years commitment
  • NO: pulling out of umbrella as soon as FULL Recognition is earned

NOTE: an “alternative” to the Umbrella Agreement would be contracting with an Accountable Care Organization or Managed Care Organization

5. Data Submission Process


  • Subsidiaries submit own data, regular process, under own code…according to the HUB data timeline
  • Once DPRP receives all data from subsidiaries, aggregate data is looked at. One aggregate data report is made. 


NOTE: More guidance is coming from DPRP, including FAQ document. CDC will work with subsidiaries if wanting to pull out of umbrella after required 2 year commitment.

NationalDPPAsk@cdc.gov– set up phone call if need specific guidance.

Screen shot credits: “DPRP Office Hours: DPRP Umbrella Organization Agreement and Application”, February 13, 2020.

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