As we know, COVID-19 continues to impact so many, including the NDPP/MDPP. If you have been following the past several State of Wellness posts, we have shared the latest guidance from the CDC and CMS, relating to providing the NDPP and MDPP while maintaining safety of both staff and participants. Some of the key messages relate to transitioning to a virtual program and program/data allowances-modifications.  Reassuring to know that CMS is working on behalf of the MDPP and has joined in this effort, also recognizing the need to offer program modifications during COVID-19.

The NDPP CSC continues to update resources related to topic! As a significant number of in-person DPPs are considering transitioning to a virtual platform…or…have recently transitioned, questions continue to come up related to logistics and best practices. The NDPP CSC is sharing a short webinar, “Successfully Delivering an Online Program Short Webinar. You will find this along with other related resources on the State of Wellness Resources Page>Virtual Programming Tools and Resources.


Continue to connect to the State of Wellness! We are actively monitoring the latest resources and encourage you to reach out to our Resources Page to keep abreast of any updates!

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