One of the most powerful ways to “spread the word” of the NDPP is to simply…..

                                                             Tell Your Story!

Listen to the personal testimony of an NDPP Lifestyle Coach, in “Sara’s Story”.

Credit: Youtube

As an NDPP Coach– or if you have a participant who wants to share their journey with others–the personal testimony can be one of your most powerful marketing and engagement  tools, especially as we look for NDPP champions in the workplace or insurance community. Sustainability not only depends upon engagement, but also partnerships–and participant retention.

What could be more powerful than hearing from those who’ve “walked the walk”, through the successes, lessons learned, and challenges. This most certainly includes both participants and program leaders.

Well…here’s your chance.

Consider submitting your success story to the NDPP Customer Service Center! Invite those participants who may be interested, as well. It is a stream-lined process laid out step by step…sharing details, including “optional” attachments, and then submitting for review. You also have access to the Writing Resource Center.

Let’s all commit to growing awareness of the NDPP. The health of our nation depends upon it!

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