Keeping our Participants…”In the Game!”

Written by on 03/18/2020

As DPP Lifestyle Coaches and leaders, one of our primary focuses as we move forward in our programs is fostering and growing the participant’s commitment to not only change their lifestyles and work towards their goals, but to continually encourage them to remember their “why?”.

So….what are some of the “Whys” we often hear?

  • I don’t want to get T2 like so many of my family members.
  • I want to be here for my kids and spouse/partner.
  • Life is for “living”….I want “life” in my years!
  • T2 complications like heart and kidney disease, risk of amputation are scary.
  • I want to live a healthier lifestyle and be a good example to my kids.

So we as coaches wonder….”How can we tap into this?”.

To start, review the wonderful engagement and retention tools discussed in my last post. Something for all of us! In addition, there are several tools we can use that will not only provide us valuable feedback, but will also help the participant pause for a moment…take inventory of where they are at…and encourage them to re-engage and commit. Here are a few, all found on the State of Wellness Resources Page:

  • Mid DPP Participant Survey
  • End of DPP Participant Survey

Both of these “tap” into the participant’s motivation, vision, successes, ¬†challenges,vision/planning, skills learned, program feedback, etc. Coaches also find this information valuable in assessing their coaching effectiveness and program delivery.

So as we can see, it’s not just¬†one thing, but a symphony of tools we can use to meet our participants where they are at. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out on our social media pages (Face Book and LinkedIn—DPP Lifestyle Coaches) or contact me:

Together, we can do so much!


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