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As we walk our way through this changing territory of social isolation, unique questions are surfacing. Many questions revolve around transitioning to a virtual program…while others focus on engaging participants so they continue coming back…aka “retention“!! Browse through the Archives and begin digging in to the questions, NDPP resources, and tips you have all shared!

Recently, we have shined a spotlight on several NDPP support resources, including resources specific to the MDPP and Virtual Programming best practices. You will find these and more, listed under the Finding the Answer and Virtual Programming Tools and Resources categories, on the State of Wellness Resources Page..

Read below to review a past post which addresses “finding your answers”.

It is common to have questions as you begin to deliver the DPP as well as during your delivery. So we often wonder…..”How can I find the answer to my particular question?”

The State of Wellness is here to support  you and answer questions. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team!

It’s also great to know you can get direct guidance from the NDPP through their Customer Service Center. First, create an account, then submit your question on their Contact Support Page. You can also do a “search” of your question through the toolbar found at the top of the home page.

Here a just a few examples of the many questions the NDPP Customer Service Center has answered:

  1. We are thinking about starting the program in our community health center. Where do we begin? The NDPP Service Center provides a list of resources for those organizations who are interested in starting a program.
  2. How does our organization report a change of address? Please contact support via the Customer Service Center portal or via email at to update or add contact information for your organization. Please provide your organizations name and ORGCODE, and specify which contact you are requesting to update or add. The following contact information should be provided (* indicates required fields):

    *Last Name:
    * First Name:
    Middle Initial:
    * Title
    * Email:
    * Phone: ()-ext.:
  3. Can a woman who is pregnant participate in the National DPP lifestyle change program? Participants cannot be pregnant at time of enrollment. The lifestyle change program emphasizes weight loss and is not appropriate for women who are currently pregnant. Participants who become pregnant may continue at the discretion of their health care provider and the CDC-recognized program delivery organization.
    CDC will allow recognized organizations to change the eligibility status for these participants to a default value of 2 in lieu of using 998 for weight. This will allow these participants to continue participation while excluding their data (such as weight) from the organizational analysis.
  4. Can participants repeat the program? Participants who are interested in re-enrolling and completing the National DPP lifestyle change program again may re-enroll. Please note, participants should check with their companies as some insurance coverage may not allow them to repeat the program. Repeat participants should be issued a new participant ID.

**This is a very short list of questions/answers/resources you will have access to through the NDPP Customer Service Center. Bookmark this resource on your desktop! So helpful and a timesaver.


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