Help! How Can I Increase Retention?

Written by on 04/17/2019

One of the most common questions and challenges DPP lifestyle coaches face is “How can I increase program retention?” Not only does retention/attendance contribute to rich group collaboration and relationship building within your class, but we also realize it’s a vital part of reaching and maintaining CDC recognition.

What can I do if my program is experiencing a drop in attendance? This can happen, especially after the weekly sessions, but it is a great opportunity for us to use the many retention resources available to us!

  1. Check out the State of Wellness Resources Category: “DPP Program Coordinator Support/Resources”, Link: “CDC/NDPP Resource for Recruiting and Retaining Participants”.  Once accessed, look for “Resources to Encourage Participant Retention”….and start exploring! You’ll find a user guide, answers to “what and when” to use the tools, and even a suggested schedule for sharing the tools with your participants!

2.  Ask what other program leaders have done! You can reach out to colleagues on the DPP Lifestyle Coach Facebook Page or LinkedIn. And don’t overlook reaching out to the State of Wellness trainers with your questions! And you can find program leaders from other CDC Recognized Programs in your area: 

3. Decisional Balance! We can help participants find their own argument for change when they find motivation wavering….Dr. Bill Matulich, Ph.D.  Create a worksheet for an engaging  pre-class activity.

4. As you wrap up a class, ask….”What will bring you back next time?” So thought provoking!

5. Finally, ask your participants, “How can you find support outside of class?” The ideas will pour in! But remember, they “own” the process (arranging, organizing any outside class group connections). All part of self efficacy. So great to remember that every participant is complete, capable, and creative!

6. Share your ideas!! Let us know what’s worked for you!

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