One of the “hot topics” in the NDPP is retention—often related to our ability as coaches to engage participants so they are motivated to come back each week. This is especially significant once we start the second six months where our participants transition to monthly meetings.

What we are also hearing is that a number of in person classes have partially or completely transitioned to virtual classes as the coronavirus numbers increase within our regions.

So many wonder, for a variety of reasons mentioned…….how can we maintain or increase retention and encourage participant engagement–especially using a virtual platform? And what can we do as DPP Coaches to motivate participants to come back?

Did you know the NDPP has some wonderful tools that can address this? Take a look at the NDPP Retention Tool and the Personal Success Tool Lifestyle Coach Guide. You will find this tool along with many others on the State of Wellness Resources Page  >NDPP Toolkits Category>RETENTION and ENGAGEMENT: NDPP Personal Success Tool. (Also found in the category: DPP Lifestyle Coach Tools and Resources). And….take a look in our category >Virtual Programming Tools and Resources>State of Wellness Virtual DPP Tips and Resources!

What are some of the details? According to the NDPP, this is an “easy-to-use interactive web-based resource to help National DPP lifestyle coaches increase participant retention.” And you will “help people with prediabetes or at risk for type 2 diabetes stay in the lifestyle change program throughout the entire year.” In addition, you can “send your program participants motivational modules that are tailored to the session you are covering to reinforce program content in a timely way.”

How about some “hands on/real world” ideas you can bring into your program to increase retention? Look at the “Keys to Success: Increasing Participant Retention“. Scroll to the pdf link at the bottom of this NDPP resource page and you will find great ideas including assessing readiness to change, providing additional sessions, inviting guest speakers (yes, you can do this virtually!), considering self-pay (increases participant “buy-in”), and engaging outside of class (ask your participants, “how?”).

So whether you have always provided virtual classes, or find yourselves transitioning to virtual classes…..or even in-person providers who want to increase retention/engagement….there is something here for all of us! Consider bookmarking the State of Wellness Resources page, which also includes the latest DPRP guidance on NDPP Covid allowances!

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