Encouraging our Healthcare Providers to Become NDPP Champions!

Written by on 05/21/2019

We have so much work to do raising awareness, growing the NDPP, and especially engaging our health care providers!!!!
According to a study conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:
Investigators asked individuals diagnosed with prediabetes or those determined to be at “high risk” through a risk score, “Other than during pregnancy, have you ever been told by a physician or other health professional that you have borderline diabetes or prediabetes?”
What rose to the top—and here’s the ATTENTION GETTER!!
“Just 4.9% reported receiving a referral to a diabetes prevention program.” For those who DID receive advisement/referrals: 66.5% reported increasing physical activity, 75.2% reported reducing dietary fat and calories consumed, 33.5% reported participating in weight loss programs, and 40.4% reported participating in programs to prevent diabetes. 
***So evident that the NDPP works!!!*** But equally frustrating that so many healthcare providers are not engaging more of their patients! Remember, although referrals are not “required”, we definitely need the medical community to champion the NDPP!
Let’s all commit to reaching out to our area health care providers. Connect with the State of Wellness Resources Page for guidance on this topic! (Toolkits, Marketing, and Reimbursement/Recruitment/Partnership resources!). In addition, reach out to other NDPP leaders! Let’s work together to increase awareness, grow our programs, and reduce/prevent Type II in our communities!

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