Digging into NDPP Marketing!

Written by on 06/24/2019

Did you know that the CDC/NDPP has an AWARD WINNING Prediabetes Ad campaign?  Check out the example below–one of many! This particular ad speaks to a very common experience among our participants…”I’m a busy Mom!” (or simply…”I’m too BUSY to track, take care of myself, eat right, choose healthy foods, etc”).

But this is not  all you will find! Take a look in the NDPP Recruitment Resources.   So many tools: ready-to-use, and adaptable promotional materials that can be easily modified to add your organization logo and contact information. And don’t overlook using The Guide, which will help you put these materials together so that potential participants hear and see messages about your program through multiple channels. Many are adaptable–so you can customize and print some of these materials; others are intended for use online.

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