A Deeper Dive into the 2018 DPRP Standards

Written by on 01/21/2020

No matter where you are in your Diabetes Prevention Program journey….getting to launch your first program or heading into your sixth…. have you really explored all the 2018 DPRP Standards have to offer?

We often think that this resource just provides guidance on CDC Recognition. True….and so important to know; but take a closer look. There is more there than you may be aware of. Here’s a “short list” of topics and related details you will find information on:

  • Participant Eligibility
  • Data Privacy
  • Delivery Mode explanation
  • Staffing and Training
  • Curriculum requirements
  • Pending/Preliminary/Full Recognition–application steps, details and guidance on the entire process
  • Technical Assistance and other Resources: NDPP Service Center, DPRPAsk@cdc.gov, NDPP web site
  • Quality Assurance Assessments
  • National Registry of Organizations with CDC Recognition
  • Guidance Documents
    • Capacity Assessment
    • CDC Screening Test
    • Staffing Guidelines
    • Data Submission Timeline Examples
    • Using Data for Evaluation-Required data criteria
    • DPRP Recommended Procedures for Measuring Weight
    • Key Terms and Definitions–explanation of the many terms we encounter

So many resources are available to support our programs. The State of Wellness is here to support you, including our Resources Page...CDC/NDPP resources are just a click away!



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