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We are 1 of only 13  organizations in the US who have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Centers for Disease Control & Health Promotion (CDC) to train Lifestyle Coaches to deliver the National Diabetes Prevention Program. 


We are committed to continuous quality improvement and utilization of evidence-based tools & programs enhancing self efficacy & autonomy for those delivering & participating in lifestyle improvement programs.

😀 Smiling 😀 on the Inside Too!

We’re on a mission to spread smiles, optimism & positivity across the country! 

Even if we have to wear a mask, you can see it in our eyes & feel it in our energy! Join Us! Be. a part of our positive movement.

  1. Order your mask, text your photo (headshot) wearing your “Smiling on the Inside too” mask to the number found in your package.
  2. We’ll add your smiling face/ eyes to the images here. 
  3. Wear your mask proudly and notice how many people smile right back. It’s the best contagion there is.

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Community Connections

Michaela Conley

Health & Wellness Coaches in Primary Care

NBC-HWC’s in Primary Care How to configure a relationship with primary healthcare providers to integrate the Diabetes Prevention Program, Health & Wellness Coaching for NBC-HWC’s specifically is a very hot

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Michaela Conley

Let’s Connect on Clubhouse

Since January 2021 Deb, Laurie, Anne and I have been learning and connecting with many of you on Clubhouse.  We’ve created several clubs including one for State of Wellness and

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