April 2014


Worksite wellness programs have become an accepted means for employers to address poor health and related costs. Employers are ready to address employee health issues and are seeking answers on what works and how to do it. They are most interested in neutral expert sources for this assistance that state governments and similar organizations can provide. Reaching the thousands of businesses in a state is a challenge.

December 2012

Healthy Maine Works Assessment and Planning Tool

State of Wellness: Healthy Maine Works Assessment and Planning Tool with Philip DiRusso This State of Wellness session will look at the state of wellness in Maine from two different perspectives. Philip DiRusso, Project Manager and Worksite Health Specialist with Medical Care Development will present an overview of Maine’s Web-based worksite wellness program assessment and [...]

June 2012

Families Step Up: Building Healthier Stronger Families with Leah Holzwarth

Families Step Up is an eight week program designed to help families with children between the ages of 8- 12 with weight concerns learn to become healthier as a family.

February 2012

Federal Healthy Guidelines with Melissa Walker and Joel Kimmons

The federal government is committed to assisting its employees in making healthy food and beverage choices and creating federal facilities that promote a sustainable food system through its influence as the largest purchaser of food service in the country.  The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the General Services Administration (GSA) have collaborated [...]