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Michaela Conley MA MCHES
Michaela Conley MA MCHESDPP Lifestyle Coach Trainer
Robin Hamre MPH, RDN
Robin Hamre MPH, RDNDPP Lifestyle Coach Trainer
Ed Pienkosz MS
Ed Pienkosz MSDPP Lifestyle Coach Trainer
Deb Krahn
Deb KrahnDPP Lifestyle Coach Trainer
Kelly House BS
Kelly House BSDPP Lifestyle Coach Trainer


A Self-paced training (e-learning) platform for individuals, health professionals, teams and employers.


Motivational Interviewing

Skills training for health coaches and/or any wellness professional.

Program Champion Training

Training for managers and teams building world-class wellness programs in collaboration with OWLS

Lifestyle Coach Training

Delivering the DPP online!

100% Online evidence-based training for DPP Lifestyle Coaches & people with pre-diabetes.

Employer Recognition Program

Based on CDC's Health Scorecard

Evidence-based turnkey yet tailored program for your local, state or national organizations.
Based on the CDC Health Scorecard

  • Easy to implement
  • Turnkey recognition program
  • Customized recognition criteria
  • Full data collection / reporting
  • Online application
  • Custom branded certificate
  • Detailed feedback report for participating employer including actionable recommendations
  • Opportunity to celebrate local employers through public recognition
Local, state, regional and national organizations such as:

  • YMCA
  • Departments for Public Health
  • Wellness Councils
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • or others for whom the development or strengthening of relationships around a shared vision for a healthier worksite culture, happier employees and the communities where they call home.

Employer Recognition

Employer Recognition Program